GB Issaquah

google maps: 98 Front St. South

Issaquah, WA 98027



 fall & winter 2018

Tiny Champions: Ages 2 ½ -4 (potty trained)

Little Champions I: Ages 4½-7

Little Champions II: Ages 7½-10

Teens/Juniors: Ages 11-15

Adult BJJ Fundamentals: Ages 16+. Fundamental BJJ

Adult BJJ All Levels: Ages 16+. class splits into fund and advanced

 Boxing Fundamentals: Ages 13+. Fundamental boxing

Kickboxing/Advanced Boxing: Ages 13+. class splits into fund and advanced

 Competition Kids: Ages 7+ and by try out only.  This class is geared toward competition training but does not commit the athlete to do competitions.  It is a longer, more intense class with extra sparring time, more submissions & a higher level of expectation.

Private classes can be scheduled during the morning and other times depending on the instructors’ availability. Students interested in private training can email us

Head Professor: Jason “Garcia” Adams

Kids Professor: Bree Darling Davis


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