bjj revolution july 18th results (if you missed em)

The top 3 teams were for each category are:

Youth/Juniors Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 172 Points
Youth/Juniors Gi 2nd Place         Marcelo Alonso BJJ 100 Points
Youth/Juniors Gi 3rd Place          Iron Lion JJA 76 Points

Youth/Juniors No Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 107 Points
Youth/Juniors No Gi 2nd Place         Iron Lion JJA 50 Points
Youth/Juniors No Gi 3rd Place          SBG 47 Points

Youth/Juniors Overall 1st Place         Gracie Barra NW 279 Points
Youth/Juniors Overall 2nd Place       Iron Lion JJA 126 Points
Youth/Juniors Overall 3rd Place         Lotus Club 120 Points

And for the Adults….

Adult/Master Gi 1st Place        Gracie Barra NW 166 Points
Adult/Master Gi 2nd Place       Marcelo Alonso BJJ 95 Points
Adult/Master Gi 3rd Place        Impact Jiu Jitsu 48 Points

Adult/Master No Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 122 Points
Adult/Master No Gi 2nd Place         Impact Jiu Jitsu 37 Points
Adult/Master No Gi 3rd Place          Marcelo Alonso BJJ 33 Points (2 1st places and 3 2nd places)
*Adult/Master No Gi 4th Place        Lotus Club 33 Points (2 1st places and 2 2nd places)

Adult/Master Overall 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 288 Points
Adult/Master Overall 2nd Place        Marcelo Alonso BJJ 128 Points
Adult/Master Overall 3rd Place          Impact Jiu Jitsu 85 Points

next boxing orientation tuesday

coach dynamo will be leading another boxing orientation tuesday july 21st at 430pm.  if you would like to attend the boxing class that immediately follows, please have mouth piece.