Holiday schedule

Wednesday the 25th: the adult classes will be normal schedule.  Lunch class at 11:45am evening class at 6:30pm.

The kids classes will be combined (except for tiny champs) for a 1.5 hour class from 4pm-5:30pm

Thursday the 26th: closed.  All classes canceled

friday the 27th: no kids classes. Adult open mat at 12pm

saturday the 28th: business as usual.  Normal schedule with kids all ages at 10am, open mat at 11am, kickboxing at 12:15pm



This Saturday, November 21st, is our end of the year promotions/potluck

all classes are canceled for the day

we will get started around 11am with open matt.

once attendance has reached critical mass we will begin promotions.  probably around 12-1230pm

after that its more open matt, eating and drinking.

see you there

GBNW cleans up at Rev

Gracie Barra Northwest once again scores big at BJJ Revolution tournament.  we took 5 of 6 trophies (didn’t get kids nogi).  Gracie Barra Issaquah sent 19 athletes and contributed 13 medals to the team score.  good show team.  click here to see results from the tournament




Saturday Kickboxing starts today!

saturday kickboxing every Saturday! This brand new class is only for those who have coach dynamos approval.

The class is at 12:15pm and will start to incorporate kicks, elbows, and knees!

If you haven’t received approval from coach dynamo, don’t worry. Just keep attending the Tuesday and Friday boxing classes and soon enough you’ll get the invite.