next kickboxing orientation

if you weren’t able to make it to the inaugural kickboxing class/orientation, fret not, the next one will be friday february 20th @4:30

that orientation will lead right into the kickboxing class scheduled for 530.  hope you can make it!

Adult Competition/Conditioning class moving…

Starting next week february 23, Matts class is moving from 4:30 on tuesday and thursday to 5:30 on monday and wednesday 

the jr’s and teens class will be going on simultaneously so adults will have the back corner for sparring/drilling.

hopefully this time slot works out better for those of you who cant make it in by 430

kickboxing orientation

next tuesday, feb 17th is the inaugural kickboxing class.  the class will begin with mandatory orientation.  get it out of the way now so you won’t have to be bothered with it when the training ramps up!

if you can’t make orientation tuesday, be sure to email coach dynamo before you show up to a class.


kickboxing starts next tuesday!


the bags and mitts are in! kickboxing will begin tuesday february 17th at 530pm.

if your’e not a member of GB Issaquah yet, no sweat, come in and try the class out for free

don’t forget, you’ll eventually need your own hand wraps, gloves, and mouth piece.  We will have 7 pairs of gloves and hand wraps available at the gym

personal gear for kickboxing

Coach dynamo recommends these items for those interested in kickboxing.  I will have them available in the gym as soon as possible.  Feel free to get them on your own or get something else entirely

180″ elastic mexican style hand wraps like these


16oz leather training gloves with hook and loop closure like these


and a mouth guard