This weeks schedule

kids classes:

kids classes are monday tuesday and saturday this week.  no kids classes wednesday thursday or friday.


adult classes:

regular schedule monday, tuesday, wednesday

thursday and friday will be open matt at 11am.


No classes tomorrow

merry Christmas ! Just a reminder there is no kids class, open Matt, or kickboxing class tomorrow.  All classes canceled

enjoy the weekend and see you Monday for regular schedule


10% membership increase due to tax changes

Head’s up everybody: Effective January 1, 2016, we will be forced to raise everyone’s tuition by 10% to accommodate the new tax laws detailed below in a post by GB Seattle. You won’t have to do anything to make the changes. We will take care of that. See the front desk if you have any questions. We apologize for the inconvenience:

“Big Change starting in January 2016:
During the 2015 regular legislative session, the legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1550. This bill provides that charges for the use of an “athletic or fitness facility” are retail sales, subject to retail sales tax and retailing business and occupation (B&O) tax. This includes all charges for any associated services or amenities taking place at such a facility, including instruction, lessons, etc. Martial arts and mixed martial arts facilities are specifically defined as athletic and fitness facilities in the bill.
Why the charge?
HB 1550 was the result of a collaborative effort, dating back to 2010, between the legislature, stakeholders, and the Department of Revenue. Taxpayer uncertainty as to when such services are retail in nature, and other ambiguities in the statute, resulted in numerous controversies.
The bill was passed to eliminate widespread confusion and provide a solid framework where business and consumers are taxed in an express and consistent manner. Specifically, the legislative wanted to provide equal tax treatment to similarly situated taxpayers.”

Holiday Schedule



kids classes:

today, monday december 21 is regular schedule.

tomorrow, tuesday december 22nd is regular schedule.

no kids classes wednesday thursday friday saturday. december 23 24 25 26


adult classes:

regular schedule this week except christmas eve and christmas.

christmas eve will be open matt at 11am.

closed christmas day


Glow Party 2.0!!!

It’s the darkest month of the year, so that means it’s time for our Glow Party! This Friday, December 18th from 3:30 – 5:30 we’ll turn off all the lights and glow up the academy. Really we won’t be going dark until about 4:15, so don’t worry if you can’t get there by 3:30. Any black lights, lava lamps or glow sticks you have for us to use, please bring them! Kris Pottsmith (Mini’s mom) has bought the glow stuff again this year, so  if there’s anyone willing to help her offset the cost of that, I’m sure she’d appreciate some help. This event is open to any and all kids on the kids team (if you’re on the email list, you’re invited) and their parents who train. (It takes a lot of adults to herd cats in the dark, so gi up moms and dads and join in.) But, you know your kids better than anyone… if your little guy is afraid of the dark, this might not be the event for him/her. Last year we had, I think, 45 kids, so the mat is packed. It takes a lot of respect, self-control, coordination and parents in gis to make it happen, but it’s a lot of fun when it does. There are pictures on the newest poster board from the 2014 Glow Party if you want an idea what it will look like. There’s no food or other extras happening, just jiujitsu drills and games by the light of glow sticks…. and again, if you have a black light or a lava lamp we can use, it would be much appreciated!