self defense seminar canceled/postponed

Anyone planning to attend the mother-daughter self defense seminar on 4/29 or the teen girls on 5/6, the organizer decided to postpone the events until summer so they will be canceled at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience & hope to see you at the rescheduled dates. Thank you!

boxing orientation

coach dynamo will be hosting a boxing orientation this saturday 4/29 at 11am.  free.  invite whoever.  boxing orientation is required if you plan to attend boxing classes.  no equipment is needed.  orientation is about an hour.



GsubX tournament is right around the corner.  april 30th.  check the website for rules, format, schedule, and registration.



boxing orientation saturday 11am

Next boxing orientation is Saturday 11am.

if you haven’t attended a boxing orientation yet, please do.  Tell your friends and family as well.  Open for anyone 13 and older.  The orientation is required if you decide to start attending boxing classes.