gb seattle training day

Here’s the link to register for the GB Northwest Training Day this saturday. There is NO CHARGE for any of the events, but it is important that everyone register.

great turn out last night!


thanks to everyone who made it to class last night.  special thanks to Professor Rodrigo for an awesome class.  We’ll do it again soon.

professor rodrigo this friday


FullSizeRender (2)

Professor Rodrigo Lopes, head professor of gracie barra seattle and regional director of gracie barra north west will be visiting gracie barra issaquah this friday april 22nd at 6:30pm.  he will be leading the class which may run longer than an hour.  all adults, please attend if you can…he doesn’t get to visit that often.



boxing orientation

next boxing Tuesday April 19th at 430pm.  after completing the orientation you can attend class the following Friday.  You cannot attend class right after boxing orientation on Tuesday the 18th.


invite any and everyone to the orientation.  its free.  after the orientation you can try a boxing class out for free too.


We only do orientations every few weeks so take advantage of the opportunity.


once you start attending boxing classes you will need hand wraps, a mouth guard, and gloves.