No classes Saturday


This saturday all classes are canceled. We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary!

click here to sign up for the potluck. let us know what you’re bringing

starts at 11am

don’t forget to bring your gi for open mat and photos.

if you don’t have a GB rash guard be sure to wear a black shirt under your gi.


GBNW Holiday Party

This year Gracie Barra Northwest will be coming together on December 2nd at 8pm. The party takes place at Gracie Barra Seattle located at 270 S Hanford St #201, Seattle, WA 98134


All ADULT members of Gracie Barra are invited. Bring friends and family too. more details to come….






as another year comes to a close Gracie Barra Issaquah will be celebrating its 5th anniversary! NOVEMBER 18TH SATURDAY 11AM

It’s a potluck so please bring food to share.  all friends and family are invited. After a brief ceremony for belts and stripes we will fire up the grill and start open mat. save the date!

photo 1

Results for the Rev are in

Gracie Barra Issaquah and GB Northwest overall represented well this weekend. GB Kids swept every category! GB adults won 1st place in gi and 2nd place overall. Good way to wrap up the year!



Now to the top team awards:
The top 3 teams were for each category are:

Adult/Master/Executive Gi 1st Place        Gracie Barra NW 177 Points

Adult/Master/Executive Gi 2nd Place       Marcelo Alonso BJJ 139 Points

Adult/Master/Executive Gi 3rd Place       Checkmat 66 Points

Adult/Master/Executive No Gi 1st Place          Marcelo Alonso BJJ 77 Points

Adult/Master/Executive No Gi 2nd Place         Mat Chess MMA 59 Points

Adult/Master/Executive No Gi 3rd Place         SBG 43 Points

Adult/Master/Executive Overall 1st Place          Marcelo Alonso BJJ 218 Points

Adult/Master/Executive Overall 2nd Place        Gracie Barra NW 204 Points

Adult/Master/Executive Overall 3rd Place          Checkmat 101 Points

The Youth/Juniors results are:

Youth/Juniors Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 213 Points

Youth/Juniors Gi 2nd Place         Marcelo Alonso BJJ 82 Points

Youth/Juniors Gi 3rd Place         SBG 81 Points

Youth/Juniors No Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW 114 Points     

Youth/Juniors No Gi 2nd Place         Team Wise 75 Points

Youth/Juniors No Gi 3rd Place         SBG 65 Points

Youth/Juniors Overall 1st Place         Gracie Barra NW 327 Points

Youth/Juniors Overall 2nd Place       SBG 146 Points

Youth/Juniors Overall 3rd Place         Marcelo Alonso BJJ 131 Points