boxing orientation tuesday 11/22 430pm

our next boxing orientation will be tuesday at 4:30pm.  we won’t be doing another one for a few weeks so please be there if you can.  open to the public.  bring a family member or friend.

after the orientation, your first class can be friday the 25th.

before your first class, be sure to have gloves, mouth guard, and hand wraps.

orientation required for anyone interested in attending boxing classes, regardless of your level of experience.

party/promotions this saturday

so here’s the plan for this weekend:

we will get things going at 11am.

some belts and stripes to start things off.

after that we can begin eating!

the asistin family is preparing pancit, chicken skewers, lumpia, and rice (pictures below) & hotdogs for anyone who’d prefer that.

donations in the form of cash or check greatly appreciated.

after food its time for open mat.


if you have chairs we need em.  a few families will be bringing tables.  any extra coolers and tables are helpful.

make sure you rsvp at the Facebook page.  this way we can get a rough head count

see you then!






filipino chicken skewers

End of the year party/fundraiser

our annual party and promotions will be a fundraiser this time around.  Saturday November 19th 11am.  the proceeds will go towards sending our athletes to pan ams!

Angi and Michael Assistan (spider monkey’s mom and dad) will be cooking up a bunch of delicious Filipino food.  all you have to do is bring cash or check!

we’ll get started around 11am.  do a quick belt promotion ceremony.  move on to some open mat and eating.

stay tuned for a menu with pictures and descriptions!